Our Story

To create and design is a passion that lies within us all. Calling all connoisseurs of the industry and creators of unique, This is our story. 

Carbon Thread Designs was founded in Houston, Texas by Brad Coleman in 2018 when he developed a distinctive vision for a new era clothing company.
He wanted to create a unique line of luxury apparel that stood out from the rest of the market, By combining his love of fashion and his favorite textile from his automotive background, carbon fiber Carbon Thread was born and launched to create a whole new level of luxury!



“I was very eager to express my passion for the industry and incorporate my favorite luxury textiles into the designs.” -Brad Coleman

Carbon fiber is amongst the most popular upscale materials used in the automotive market and we’ve weaved it throughout our unique pieces, evolving the vision into a recognizable line of apparel that merges the best of automotive with the best of fashion. Something luxurious can immediately elevate an experience when you put on our luxury fabrics and creative designs, Our main goal with Carbon Thread Designs is to create a luxury lifestyle brand that offers an elevated experience to anyone who wears our clothing.

We encourage you to “Wear Your Speed®️” and feel your best all while differentiating yourself from buying the normal dress attire.

We know we’re not for everyone and neither are you. We don’t believe in average, standard, or ordinary, so our limited one-of-a-kind pieces are made to stand out.