The Big Show!

As we get closer to November, every automotive guru is thinking about the show that’s right around the corner, the SEMA.

From several years attending this show, three main questions have been constantly asked: What is it? Where is it? How do I get in?

The name full name is Special Equipment Marketing Association. SEMA was originally started in 1963 by a group of men that loved the automotive world and wanted the best of the industry to come together once a year to introduce the newest and most unique automotive products and automobiles.

This auto show is not open to the public; registration as media, manufacturer, buyer, or exhibitor is required. SEMA provides services for employees of its member companies that include education, professional development, and market research. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to Las Vegas, Nevada early November every year to see the amazing machines people have been working on for the past year. You can see anything at this show, from the popular custom rat rods, lifted trucks, motorcycles, and exotic vehicles to the fastest, brightest, and coolest vehicles on wheels that always debut at SEMA.

SEMA is the best car show but also is known for showcasing new products. Many companies will wait all year and debut their new findings and patents at this show. The best way to get your name and product out there is having a booth at this huge event which lasts 4 days and where participation costs around $20,000.

If you do not own a company or work for a major automotive distributor, you can still attend SEMA. A vehicle can gain you access to this show since the world’s top creative minds bring their masterpieces to showcase at SEMA. At this show, companies look for certain individuals to sponsor for the show. Once you have the contract filled out with the company that will be allowing you to enter the show and place your vehicle there, they will work out a build spec with you and send you parts as well as items needed to showcase at this year’s show.

The advertisement comes along with this great honor, not only the show spectators will see what you have built but some major media companies are there for photoshoots, videos, and interviews with the world’s best. If you are lucky enough to fall into this category and build for SEMA, it’s one of the best experiences.

The show can include drifting courses for spectators, public meet and greets with the industry’s best, Live TV coverage from media leaders all in a huge convention center. Make sure to wear a comfortable outfit because of the walking it requires, by the end of the event on a Friday night, there is an event called the SEMA IGNITED CRUISE which is open to the public. The show ends on Friday around 3 pm and for the next 4 hours, crew and convention center staff will escort all vehicles out in a single file line and into the GOLD lot across the street from the convention center.

From there people line up a mile long to see the famous automobiles leave the convention center and enter the cruise. Much like the show itself, the SEMA IGNITED CRUISE has many special events. It is the tailgate party of the year and allows the public to get involved and come to spectate.

In conclusion, if you are an automotive junkie and would enjoy attending this special event, I would advise you to start looking into how you can get involved. It is a  opportunity that not everyone is granted. Many friendships have been made because of SEMA and all like-minded people come together for a special and great cause. Get in there, take-action, and enjoy yourself, you will not regret it!