Rolling On!

Carbon Thread Designs, this is our first blog on how we came about, what we are about, and who we want to become. Follow our page and check out our content. We strive on the desire for speed, passion for the sport and we want you to WEAR YOUR SPEED.

When you see something amazing rolling down the street and think that is a good-looking ride whether it is the latest luxury sports car by Maserati or a built-in garage truck, it influences you. It makes you smile and it makes you want more. To us, automotive addicts i fuel to the fire.

When I was a boy I saw my father going into the garage day everyday working on our newly acquired 68 mustang fastback. As a kid I didn’t realize what that car meant but as I grew older I discovered it was the greatest mustang of its time. The boss 302 v8 could be heavily upgraded for some serious horsepower. It was an icon of the time; people saw you driving it and knew you had status and a good taste for fine automobiles.

My dad used to work in the car’s motor, interiors and the candy apple red exterior paint. I saw the joy it brought to his life and the stress it relieved from him after a long day’s work. It was more than a car, it had become part of the family. We used to take this car out every weekend and enjoy each other’s company and passion for the sport. For years growing up I can remember sitting in the car daydreaming of when I would be shifting gears in my own fastback mustang.

Automobiles have a way of testing maturity, elegance, and taste. When you find the right brand you find yourself in a whole new line of work, friends and even lifestyle. At Carbon Thread Designs we know what it’s like to have the drive, the passion, and the dedication for the automotive industry. Sleepless nights to make it to the track the next day. Spending most of your check on the greatest gear and gadgets to show off to your friends. It is an addiction we love to live with, one we don’t want a cure for. We want to be able to see the next day, put our hands on the steering wheel and drive down the road in our favorite 4-wheel obsession.

That’s why we created Carbon Thread Designs. For the purist, for the addicted and for the passionate people who want to WEAR THEIR SPEED.

At the track trapping a 9 second ¼ mile or at the derby going around and around placing first and fighting for the cup. Most of us can be caught on Sundays at our local truck meet or parts store making sure we are known for our passion to the auto world. We want to share this passion with you. We want to make you stand out and that people know that you wear your dream and passion. We want to create a legacy with our

brand, we strive to be recognized globally in the auto world and we want you to be proud to wear Carbon Thread Designs.

We are enthusiast building a brand for car enthusiasts to wear, share and most of all care.